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Brief Introduction of Guiyang

Guizhou University of Finance and Economics is located in the beautiful city of Guiyang, which is embraced by mountains and rivers on the southwest of China. Guiyang is located in 26.35’ north latitude, 106.42' east longitude. Guiyang dominates the whole central Guizhou area in economics, culture and transportation.
Guiyang is a Forest City as well as a recreation resort. You can find beautiful natural sceneries, such as forests and mountains around the city, grottoes in the karst mountains, lakes in the subterraneous caverns. The lakes blend with mountains and the natural landscapes with the cultural sites and simple ethnic customs so wonderfully that each supplements and enriches the other.
About Guizhou University OF Finance & Economics
The predecessor of GUFE, Guizhou College of Finance and Economics, was founded in 1958 and renamed Guizhou University of Finance and Economics (GUFE) in April, 2012. GUFE is a comprehensive university of finance and economics, encompassing both its mainstream disciplines of economics and management, and other discipline categories, such as law, literature, science, engineering and education. And it is the economic management personnel training base built up by CPC Committee of Guizhou Province and Guizhou People's Government for cultivating economics and management talents in Guizhou Province. Professor Hong Yin-xing, famous economist, winner of "Sun Yefang Award in Economics" and former secretary of CPC Committee of Nanjing University is appointed the honorary president of GUFE.
GUFE, located at Huaxi University Town, Guizhou with three campuses of Hebin Campus, Luchongguan Campus and Huaxi Campus, covers a total area of 5,106.8 mu (340.5 hectares), with a construction space of of 850,000 square meters. GUFE is equipped with teaching equipment and instrument worthy of ¥327 million and p-books of 2,010,000, e-books of 1,520,000 and e-journals of 36,000 varieties. The main campus is Huaxi campus, surrounded by a beautiful environment and equipped with complete functions and modern and advanced facilities.
GUFE has 16 schools (departments) and Guiyang Institute of Big Data and Finance, currently housing over 20,736 students, including 18,191 undergraduates and 1,211 postgraduates, and 11 foreign students. Among GUFE’s 1,720 teachers, 1,069 are full-time teachers; and 608 have senior academic and technical titles and 345 are doctoral degree holders. Tens of internationally and domestically well-known experts and scholars in economics and management such as Liu Hongyu and Yuan Zhi-gangn are employed as visiting professors and adjunct professors.
GUFE, insisting on coordinated development of discipline construction, offers 7 master's programs of first-level discipline, 50 master's programs of second-level discipline and 7 professional master's programs. Currently, GUFE has 5 featured provincial-level key disciplines and 8 provincial-level key disciplines. GUFE is offering 59 undergraduate programs of 8 disciplines, including 6 state featured ones and 4 provincial featured ones, and 9 model ones at the provincial level.  GUFE has 1 National Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and 1 National Virtual & Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, as well as 1 Experimental Zone for Innovation in Talent Training at national level and 5 Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers at provincial level, with 1 provincial key lab and 4 provincial scientific research bases.
GUFE, adhering to the service location of "based on Guizhou, facing the southwest and radiating nationwide", attaches great importance to the platform construction and scientific research service, presently having set up 6 scientific research institutions at provincial level and 33 ones at university level, and 2 collaborative innovation centers at provincial level to carry out initial researches characterized by poverty prevention, ecological economy, mountainous-area economy, economic history and rural finance. GUFE, relying on discipline superiority, talent and intellectual advantages, provides active services to economic and social development for Guizhou Province, making efforts to build GUFE into a training base for cultivating high quality economic management personnel in Guizhou, and a research center of economic management theory on less-developed regions and a policy consultation center for Guizhou provincial economic and social development, playing a full role as "think tank" and "decision-making base" in serving local economic and social development.
GUFE persists in open education, successively expanding domestic and foreign exchanges and strategic cooperation. Domestically, GUFE has various scholarly and strategic collaborations with universities such as Central University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing University and Wuhan University. And internationally, GUFE has cooperated in faculty training and exchange with California State University Fullerton, USA, Upper Alsace University, France and Osaka University of Economics, Japan, etc. And GUFE is cooperating with Edinburgh Napier University, GB, Western Michigan University, Marshall University and Berkeley College, USA in higher education projects, covering three bachelor's programs and four Sino-foreign junior college educational cooperation programs, and 4 ISEC programs. GUFE has student and teacher exchange programs in collaboration with the University of Montana, USA, Tor Vergata, Italy and Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University, Thailand, etc.  In addition, approved by HANGBAN of Ministry of Education, PRC, GUFE has established a Confucius Institute in Africa for the purpose of promoting Sino-foreign cultural exchange and integration. At a new starting point, GUFE, being committed to ‘cultivating business talents with Confucian ethics’, upholding its tradition of being ‘industrious and rigorous, practical and far-sighted’ and living up to its motto – ‘integrity, knowledge, commitment and innovation,' will further implement the development strategy of "one main tone and two development poles" and grasp tightly on "three points" to earnestly create "four new dimensions" and make every effort and forge ahead to constantly enhance the level of personnel training and improve the capacity of scientific research, actively providing services to the economic and social development, and further promoting the culture inheritance and creation so as to build Guizhou University of Finance and Economics into a featured and highly leveled university of finance and economics to make new contribution for the local and national economic and social development. (As of Oct. 2016)
About School of International Business 
The International School of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics (GUFE) was founded in 2010. As a platform for international cooperation and educational exchange, it collaborates with foreign institutes of higher education and provides quality educational resources, with the aim of cultivating quality business professionals with a global perspective and English proficiency. The School offers Chinese-foreign cooperative programs in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) in the UK, Western Michigan University (WMU), and Berkeley College in the USA, including GUFE-ENU BA (Hons) Program in Financial Services, GUFE-WMU BBA Program in Accountancy, GUFE-Berkeley AAS Programs in Accounting, Financial Services, Marketing Communications, and International Business. The School also offers 4 International Scholarly Exchange Curriculum (ISEC) Bachelor Programs in Accounting, International Business, Marketing, and Engineering Management. Among the first cohort of 47 students in the joint BA (Hons) Program in Financial Services with Edinburgh Napier University, 25 or 53.2% have gone to Edinburgh Napier University for their final year study; 19 or 40.4% have gone to University of Glasgow, University of Exeter and other universities in the UK to pursue their master’s degree.